Monday, January 18, 2010

Marketing Through Viral Video Production

The world of marketing is taking yet another turn as the world continues to adjust to the still rather new portal for global interaction, the Internet. Conveying ideas, selling services and products or collaboration in the ideation process, have all gone the way of the web.

This means you and your business face the inevitable need to catch up technologically or get left behind. If you don't improve your knowledge about the new techniques to market and advertise on the web, you are doomed! That may sound over the top but the reality is more over the top. Technology is opening the door for new methods of doing business and the young and savvy are taking to these techniques early and hard. The most savvy traditionalists are currently having a heck of a time trying to just keep up with the savvy.

Where you stand in this game all depends on either your knowledge and keeping it fresh and up-to-date, or your future depends on support that can update your marketing and advertising experience, making it productive and competitive. With all the techniques and applications for marketing and advertising, the next question "is where do I begin?".

Narrow down your options to the ones that return the most bang-for-the-buck. The bottom-line is, the less you can spend and get the most possible, the better it is for your bank-roll. we understand this because we too are in business and have the same things to deal with. We understand that you may feel lost in this new world of techno-cyber-babble, and we are aware of how difficult it would be to begin now, to try to catch up intellectually to the emerging generations of marketers, programmers and sales people.

We are those people, coming to your rescue. We know what the traditional ways were and we know the new methods, we've been there and we are here now, so we have an even better understanding of how to extract the most value for your marketing dollars, in this new age. For us that sole resource is viral video production.

There is nothing more effective at delivering a message, however complex, however mysterious or convoluted. Whatever the service, product or message may be, viral video delivers with the power of television, the access of Internet and with hardly an expense at all comparatively to traditional marketing.

If the only tools you ever have for marketing and advertising your business, were viral videos, you would still maintain ultimate power in delivery of your message. Rest ease and run your business, Trust us to take your message and produce the kind of video that will both attract, entertain and enlighten any viewer to your company, services or products.

It doesn't matter what type of business you have, how big or how small, how remote or how accessible, if you want your message to get out to your markets with the most impact and highest probability on ROI, then you must do your business justice and have us produce your viral videos. let us help you deliver your message, inexpensively, yet incredibly effectively. Now that's incredible value!

Find you more at , click on the "Video Production" link in the navigation bar and watch some of our more recent "shorties" and then give us a call.

Bogdan "Bo" Asciu

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who are we and what do we do?

Custom Design and Illustration, Digital Photography, Conceptual Design and 3D visualization, are all a click away. Afraid you can't afford it? Guess again. Visit our site and discover the affordable and useful services we offer to improve and maintain your business' image.

We also offer premier quality printing and super-affordable prices. One click, one call, either way it's that simple to put a smile on your face and more money in your pocket.

Check us out at BADWERKS Studios